Here we go!

Thanks for joining me! Please, leave any comments about the post or feedback on the site, in general. I look forward to discussing these posts with all of you. If you have anything specific that you want me to take a look at, let me know.


6 thoughts on “Here we go!”

  1. Chad this is your blog then?You’re one of the most insightful commentators at Davidski’s blog and get right to the point with your comments.Good luck with the blog, it’s a great time to talk about these things because it seems like we’re on the verge of some big questions being answered.


    1. Yes, this one is mine. I will attempt to look at everything that is out so far. I have done a lot of work, but haven’t saved much. This will give me a place to put it, if nothing else. There is a lot to talk about and still a lot of important questions. Each paper seems to give us new insights into the past. Glad to have you here!


  2. I’m interested in PIE generally and hope we get an answer that everyone can accept, and was very intrigued by your comments about CHG and Iran.It seems like Reich is moving in the direction of PIE south of the Caucasus, with obviously the steppe spreading many? or all? of the branches.


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